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Microsoft Teams certified compliance recording, unlimited conversation analytics and QA automation.

CallCabinet is a Microsoft-certified compliance call recording, unlimited conversation analytics and quality assurance automation solution for MS Teams’ voice, video and screen sharing. CallCabinet fills every interaction’s compliance gap within the world’s most heavily regulated industries, including financial services, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare and more.

Built in the same Azure fabric as Teams, CallCabinet is a cloud-native solution that provides seamless, real-time and compliant recording of every interaction. It’s never been easier to gain unsurpassed business intelligence from recording data and enable businesses to improve customer experience (CX), increase agent retention rates, monitor employee performance, and so much more.

Using CallCabinet’s app add-in for Teams, users can easily manage recording features within the Teams platform based on granular permissions assigned to departments, groups or individual users. These features include the ability to control active calls (pause, resume and cancel), tag calls and locate, view, and play recent recordings. CallCabinet can be deployed in minutes and allows for the migration of legacy data to turn data insights into business intelligence.

Standard security features include:

  • Active Directory integration

  • IP address restrictions

  • Granular, user-based permissions

  • Compliant call sharing

Why businesses choose CallCabinet

Compliance for every industry: Including GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FCA, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, POPI and many more.

Military-grade security: AES 256-bit rotating encryption methodology.

Redundant and resilient: Record with two capture points to ensure optimal compliance.

Endless power and storage: Unlimited cloud storage allows you to access recordings anytime, anywhere.

Data sovereignty: Recordings are stored in data centers across six continents.

PCI DSS compliance: AI-driven redaction, API call redaction or manual intervention options.

Ownership of data: Your recordings aren't locked away with proprietary encoding formats. Your data is always accessible 24/7/365.

Unbeatable uptime: Expect an uptime of 99.999%, which is as close to perfect as we’re allowed to claim.

Every CallCabinet recording plan includes the following standard features:

  • Unlimited recordings and storage

  • 256-bit AES rotating encryption

  • Redundancy (local and geographical)

  • Location data sovereignty

  • Custom retention policies

  • Multifactor authentication

  • Granular user-based permissions

  • Call playback

  • Call flagging

  • Searchable call tagging

  • Call notes

  • Agent and team grouping capabilities

  • Basic API support

  • Multi-language support

Completely customize, or choose from three customizable compliance recording plans to benefit from a compliance solution that suits your business needs.

Go ahead and make business easy with CallCabinet.

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