Make retail shops smarter with location intelligence

Instore is a mobile solution which emerge technologies that are powering transformation.

Our vision for Smart City Location AI/Intelligence Network

  • Cherrypicksstarted a quest to develop and deploy Indoor Sensor Platforms “StarbeaconTM” in 2015 and link these platforms up to form the largest city-wide Smart City network “StarNetwork”.
  • We believe in making city smarter with indoor GPS, smart retail and location intelligence services.

6 Major Instore components:

  1. StarbeaconTM: Extend your revenue with the use of location intelligence
  2. Push promo: Message your target customers according to marketing needs
  3. Loyalty engagement: Manage your members according to different tiers. You may also setup different stamp, coupon and points campaigns!
  4. E-payment: Complete the payment and redemption in just one scan
  5. Data: Extent to pre-purchase data and potential customer
  6. Content Management System: Manage your stores with your finger tips. You may also setup workflow and assign tasks to different staff.

Some statistics:

  • 400,000+ Stamps issued via INSTORE logic system (Rustan’sand Shopwise Supermarket | Philippines)

  • 30,000+ users registered on INSTORE platform, Worldwide

  • 100% redemtion rate on Q+ coupon for 2 consecutive months (Hong Kong only)


You can be part of it!

This application is available in Chinese.

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