CHILI GraFx Creative Automation Solutions

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Automating repetitive tasks for graph designers so brands can personalize more & go to market faster

CHILI GraFx stands for creative automation and multi-channel graphic production at scale. It is the most advanced, flexible and user-friendly platform for design professionals available in the market. Its editor GraFx Studio makes it intuitive to create smart templates for virtually any digital ad (static and animated), or e-commerce platform and even print output. Plus, lockable elements help you protect your brand assets.

CHILI GraFx is a robust platform built on ideals to make graphic variant production scalable for professional brands and agencies who want to serve promotions and brand messages to a large customer base with 100% brand-consistency. Our platform integrates with any tech stack and data source (API first) and imports even existing designs from InDesign®, Photoshop® and Illustrator®. GraFx Studio easily allows design professionals to completely create new smart templates from scratch – to then create brand-controlled self-serve portals for marketers.

CHILI GraFx automates repetitive tasks for graphic designers so brands can personalise more, go to market faster, and scale with reduced operational cost.

CHILI GraFx is built for multi-national, enterprise companies producing multichannel graphics at scale.

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