Atlas for Frontline Workers

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Supporting Frontline Information Workers with Atlas

Our customers are seeing great success with their frontline information workers such as field engineers, maintenance workers or customer service. They need critical information such as health and safety advice, diagnostics on a piece of equipment or an important customer inquiry.

Atlas enhances the experience for frontline workers by bringing together important communication, resources and knowledge on Microsoft 365, on any device and wherever they may be.​

Atlas provides one place for workers to find the right information and get their work done.

Empower and engage

  • Optimise Internal Communication
    Connect with every employee with clear and measurable internal communication. Atlas makes cross organisational internal communications more simple.
  • Makes Collaboration Easy
    Atlas provides a single, user-friendly interface that enables collaboration and everyone to do their best work.
  • Break down Silos
    Atlas enables connections where information flows freely but securely to increase organisational transparency.
  • Empowers workers to Make the Right Decisions
    Powerful search and automated tagging of content means users get straight to the information they need, saving time and avoiding duplication of effort.
  • Mitigate Health and Safety Risks
    Atlas provides critical information in a visual and interactive way.
  • Boost Productivity
    Provide instant access to critical information in seconds by streamlining, automating, and transforming information and processes.

Learn more about how Atlas has had a positive impact for frontline workers.

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