Cobrainer Talent

door Cobrainer GmbH

The one-stop solution for intelligent talent mobility, reskilling, and upskilling.

What is Cobrainer Talent? 

Cobrainer Talent is and intelligent internal employee mobility, re- and upskilling solution developed on the Azure platform which offers three complementary core functionalities:
a) Automated, harmonised generation of employee skill profiles from existing internal data and social media profiles (LinkedIn/Xing) to provide real-time, skill-based transparency for internal job, project and learning opportunities.
b) Automated identification of relevant internal candidates (= automated shortlist generation) for vacancies in internal recruiting (real enhancement of internal recruiting).
c) Skill-based workforce analytics (e.g. identification of missing digital skills / alignment of current employee skill sets and strategic skill requirements).

These functionalities enable organisations to reorganise their workforce and make them highly adaptable and resilient to changes in the business environment. Equally, internal recruiting is efficiently boosted and saves millions by reducing the need for external talent acquisition.

The Cobrainer Skill Graph & Technology 

The Cobrainer technology is a tool that puts employees in the center of organizations by analyzing skills individually and providing skill-related transparency in the ever-more complex structure of large organizations. The Cobrainer technology suite achieves that with high accuracy and speed by providing to each customer a unique skill graph and a pre-trained tagging and recommendation engine that improves constantly via a well-structured data network effect.

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