CSG Encompass Quote

door Csg Systems, Inc.

TM Forum award-winning SaaS platform that is the industry benchmark for complex B2B quote management

CSG Encompass Quote is a TM Forum award-winning, cloud-based SaaS platform and is the industry benchmark for complex B2B quote management. The Smart Launch CPQ is a configuration package built in CSG Encompass Quote that provides a quick-to-deploy, ready-to-use sales journey and a set of configurations that address the multi-faceted challenges out-of-the-box. In just 12 short weeks, CSG will deploy a production-ready, no regret spend, SaaS platform on AWS with the CSP’s rules and criteria. This solution empowers product managers to rapidly create, manage and launch both connectivity and non-connectivity offers into their portfolios. More importantly, it enables sales staff and self-managing enterprise customers to easily create accurate multi-site, multi-product, complex quotes and orders –without fuss, without costly customizations.

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