Corolar RPM

door Calian Digital Solutions Ltd.

Enables and manages patient care outside health institutions while connecting their circle of care.

Corolar Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is part of the Corolar Suite which includes Corolar Virtual Care (CVC) and Corolar Cloud – created to deliver an end-to-end platform designed to enable and manage patient care outside hospitals, clinics and other health institutions, while connecting their entire circle of care.

Corolar RPM can help reduce the number of re-admissions to hospitals, reduce healthcare costs and provide an enhanced patient experience while supporting the continuum of care through remote monitoring.

Key features:

Clinician view—A portal for healthcare providers to view remote device outputs, patient information, and health data to assess the patient’s health and manage their care plan.

Patient View/App—A patient app to complete check-ins, information requests, receive care plan instructions and connect to the remote device.

Device IoT—a large set of available devices with ability to securely transmit health data remotely to monitor patients and support RPM programs.

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