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Encrypted data and deal rooms for acquisitions, investments, deals and projects

Mergers, acquisitions, equity and property deals have to manage sensitive data and documents and Dropvault Data Rooms provide secure and encrypted conversational data rooms to collaborate and manage your projects and maximizing your teams productivity. No need to use insecure email as our Data rooms support both discussions, documents and messaging. And to make your team more productive you can add tasks, sign off, voting , reminders, calendar and meetings right in the Data room - No need to have your team and data spread across multiple apps.
And we understand that data you and your customers are sharing in your data rooms is very commercially sensitive - So everything you share or add to your room is encrypted with a key unique to you room. This keeps your data private and secure, even from Dropvault.
Plus our Data rooms are not limited to just your team - Share and connect with an external advisor or a team in another business and collaborate seamlessly while keeping everything secure and private. It's a complete secure B2B collaboration app for your projects.

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