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Send, Share, Upload or message securely with any contact or business

Dropvault provides secure portals so your team or contacts can send or share documents, or message securely with any customer, supplier or employee.
Your customers and employees deserve privacy and security when they upload a sensitive document to you or when you share something back. That's where private and encrypted portals help protect this data and ensure it always remains private and secure.

Your contacts or employees connect to their portal and upload a document at any time or your team can share back out to your client - All in the same portal. And our portals are conversational so start a discussion or ask a question on a document. We've also added e-signature support so not only can you share, you can also request your contact or employee to review, agree and sign with any touch device.

Plus we have a built-in ticketing app so you can manage your customer questions and uploads, assigned to team members and track progress - But keep the document in your secure platform for privacy. .

And our portals are not just for customers - Use for sharing initial passwords with new employees, or sharing sensitive HR discussions, documents or medical reports.

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