EBF EMM Onboarder for Intune


From many sources to Microsoft Intune with minimized downtimes and costs

The EBF Onboarder for Microsoft Intune can be used to execute onboarding projects from many sources to Microsoft Intune. An intuitive user interface intelligently integrates end users into the process, relieving your IT department of the task. The combination of automation, standardization and self-service minimizes downtimes during the onboarding process and cuts costs significantly. This SaaS solution helps Administrators and IT-Departments in any industry quickly, cost-effectively and easily migrate from mobile devices to Intune. Controlled from a single console, migration can be performed for all or groups of devices in line with your migration strategy. An overview of which devices are still in the migration phase or have already been migrated can be created at any time. The manual creation of lists for a status is no longer necessary. Hundreds of thousands of mobile devices from a variety of different EMM systems have already been successfully migrated to Intune. 

EBF Onboarder Benefits: 

Relief of the IT - The automated migration requires little support from your IT-Department. The IT team can view the migration process at any time. 

Up to 90% Time Savings - Save time due to automated processes and option of freely choosing migration date and time. 

Cost Savings - Save costs due to reduced manpower and minimal downtimes costs 

User-friendliness - Intuitive operation of platform & implementation of change process on mobile device. 

The EMM systems, from which mobile devices can be migrated to Intune, are constantly being expanded. MobileIron, VMware, Citrix, IBM are only a few manufacturers of EMM platforms from which it is currently possible to migrate to Intune. In addition to iOS devices (supervised and non-supervised), Android devices can also be migrated.
This application is available in English or German.