Enadoc Document Management System

Enadoc Pte. Ltd.

Enadoc is a mobile-ready secure document management system on cloud for HR, Finance, and IT.

Enadoc is an innovative document management and enterprise content management solution that features sign, capture and indexing, records management, search, disaster recovery, and secure access capabilities. Your data is your most important asset. Protecting it from unauthorized distribution and access, theft, and disasters should be a priority. 


Enadoc offers innovative document search options including tag-cloud search, full-text search, and metadata/keyword search. The advanced search options include the ability to perform cross-library search, combined full-text and keyword search, and web-based search integration for third-party applications. End users and organizations can easily customize the look and feel of default search results from views including thumbnail, full-page, and lists. Enadoc on-screen document viewer supports common image formats such as PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG, and multimedia types while the solution can manage any standard document format. 


Enadoc capture module facilitates document scan, indexing, and release using standard document scanners and mobile devices. In order to handle high volume, complex, and automated document capture requirements. Enadoc seamlessly integrates with industry-standard capture applications such as Kofax, Readsoft, and other standard-based systems. 


With Enadoc, organizations have the flexibility to manage their digital records to meet their requirements. Document libraries can be configured based on document type or organizational structure.


Define life cycle rules for documents, libraries, and organization based on your retention policy rules using Enadoc’s rule-based engine.


Enadoc Hexagonal Security is an Active + Passive deployment of security on documents. Passive Security is implemented using encryption algorithms and managing document classes while Active Security is implemented using user management, user groups, dynamic redaction, watermarking, and feature restrictions. Enadoc runs on Azure, one of industry’s most secure and compliant cloud platforms.

Starts at 249 USD per month