FASTEC 4 PRO Power BI Connector

door Fastec GmbH

A solid interface to make your captured production data available as a data source in Power Bi.

The FASTEC 4 PRO BI Connector allows you to make the production data collected with FASTEC 4 PRO available in Power BI as a data source. This enables you to merge, analyze, evaluate and visually present all your production data.

The most important functions at a glance
  • Import of standard calculations from FASTEC 4 PRO for KPIs such as OEE, downtimes, error rates, etc. (Measures)
  • Making cross-plant processes measurable and thus comparable
  • Data from different data sources, for example real-time data from FASTEC 4 PRO, can be correlated in Power Bl with data from third-party systems such as SAP and evaluated together.
  • The data is provided in a pattern suitable for analysis (Star or Snowflake) with dimensions for filtering and grouping as well as facts for aggregation.
  • Decoupling of FASTEC 4 PRO and the external system: a structural adjustment of the internal data model of FASTEC 4 PRO is possible without changing the external access.

The interface only works if FASTEC 4 PRO is used.

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