Fathym Forecaster

door Fathym Inc.

The Fathym Forecaster combines weather forecasts with statistics-based, machine-learning.

The Fathym Forecaster combines the world’s best weather forecasts with statistics-based, machine-learning techniques to tackle the largest datasets, including road weather. The Fathym Forecaster is a robust, feature-rich API that offers a powerful suite of weather forecasting and data visualization tools.

The Fathym Forecaster offers developers powerful weather forecasting capabilities over freely-chosen locations and routes across the globe, with any combination of variables.

In addition to the wide array of weather conditions, the API delivers a unique suite of highly-specialized forecast variables derived through statistically-based machine learning models. These derived variables include road temperature, road state, road condition, and a delay risk factor that computes the weather’s impact on destination arrival estimates.

The following are available via easily accessible API:

  • Points - Hyper-local insights into current and forecasted road/ground conditions, pavement temperatures and precipitation states at a geo-location (point)-level granularity neighborhood-level granularity
  • Routes - Route-specific road condition forecasts for any user-specified routes on the globe, fully integrated with existing mapping or route optimization tools
  • Tiled Imagery - tiled images are available at different zoom levels, from global, regional to neighborhood

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