Digital Manufacturing Platform


akaMES is a Digital Manufacturing Platform designed to help boosting productivity at shop floors

akaMES is a Digital Manufacturing Platform designed and developed to help boosting the productivity in the manufacturing industries. akaMES provides a well-rounded technology solution across multiple areas of function from materials collection and operator assignment to quality control and product delivery to customers.

akaMES connects multiple plants and sites and integrates easily machines, controllers, quality measurement tools and other systems such as ERP, PLM, PLC/SCADA and IoT. All kinds of users including shop floor operators, supervisors, directors, suppliers, and even customers are able to collaborate closely through a complete Digital Manufacturing Platform. Eight modules of akaMES build a manufacturing eco-system for you to realize your goals in terms of manufacturing execution and operations management: Production, Warehouse, Facility, Integrity, Insights, Quality, E-form, Orchestration

Benefits of akaMES:

  • Proactive Control & Quality
  • Integrated Analytics and Dashboards
  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Easy for Customization
  • Ease of Deployment

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