Vital CRM Customer Relationship Management 客戶關係管理 雲端客戶關係管理系統

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Starting from Now: build a bridge between you and your customers. 掌握客戶關係、創造長銷效益

Utilizing data visualization concepts and labels to allow for clear customer segmentation and deliver personalized messages to target customers. Create a VIP like experience for your customers to encourage them to return and boost your sales. 業績提升、增加回購率及熟客經營最佳首選, 中小企業數位轉型-以客戶為核心、更人性化的互動關係管理;業務管理、行銷推廣、客戶服務無縫接軌;提升客戶滿意度、回流率;業績持續成長、企業永續經營。
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