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Intune Provisioning-as-a-Service

Glück & Kanja


The Glück and Kanja Software Provisioning Service delivers a standardized package lifecycle process for Intune and RealmJoin software packages. With the Software Provisioning Service, all software packages are managed by a dedicated team of experienced engineers providing all services from initial request to decommissioning of software packages.

  • Providing an extended package request flow
  • Accept new package requests
  • Logical quality check of package requests (check for similar software, newer versions, known issues)
  • Technical quality check of package binaries (completeness, compatibility, dependencies)
  • Check and decision for optimal package format
  • Check and coordinate optional parameters and their defaults
  • Coordinate creation of new packages with the Packaging-Team
  • Coordinate creation of updated packages with the Packaging-Team
  • Management of prerelease packages and request for approval
  • Releasing approved packages
  • Autonomous release of managed application updates
  • Monitoring the lifecycle of dependencies
  • Provide the metadata management of packages (UPN, cost center, other data)
  • Optional: Management of the scoped AAD groups (APP-* groups within customer tenant with correct name-schema)
  • Decommissioning of packages
  • Management and archiving of binaries and packages