HCLTech IoT Platform for Healthcare Assets

door HCL Technologies Limited.

CARE harnesses the connected capability of MC4H empowering digital transformation for healthcare

HCLTech IoT Platform for Healthcare Assets (aka Connected Assets in Regulated Environment) is an offering for healthcare industry that helps in building a regulated medical class software within a significant reduced time.

The half-day workshop will discuss the user case scenarios that leverage the topics on how the CARE offering on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations acts as a differentiator for the HealthCare and Medical devices industry in achieving:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • HIPAA / GDPR Compliance
  • Device Lifecycle Management
  • Hierarchical Multi Tenancy
  • Descriptive Analytics & Reporting integration

HCL IoT Platform for Healthcare Assets (CARE) Platform is a Micro-services architecture featured multi-tenant platform that helps in building a regulated medical class software within a significant reduced time. CARE brings together packaged application frameworks, re-usable software components, automation tools for developers & testers, support for best of breed architectural patterns and best practice templates to provide acceleration to the development of software / platforms.

Key Benefits

Low Risk/ Higher Rate of Success

  • Abstraction of technology complexity, focus on business requirement
  • Get it right first time
  • Low risk technology approach acts as a bridge between Build vs Buy


  • Reusable components accelerate software development by at least 30%
  • Automation to ease code development
  • Pre-Conceptualized approach to a global platform saves time in all phases of SDLC (requirement, design, implementation and development)


  • Pre-built components driving "Get it right first time" benefits
  • Best practices enforcement through enforced architecture/ design
  • Pre-Tested components reduces time for functional, non-functional, security and deployment testing


  • A platform-based approach reduces the cost of building new services by up to 50%
  • Open-Source Components allows the overall cost of ownership to be low.

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