Heimdall Cloud

door Heimdall Power AS

Real-time capacity monitoring, forecasting and analysis for high-voltage power lines

Increase line capacity by 30 % using software and IIoT devices from Heimdall Power

Heimdall Cloud is our software for real-time monitoring, forecasting and analysis for high-voltage power lines. Use Heimdall Neurons (Industrial IoT devices for high-voltage power lines) and Virtual Neurons (Software-based sensors) to monitor and analyze your high-voltage line assets. Heimdall Cloud offers a SaaS solution for AAR (Ambient Adjusted Ratings) which can easily be upgraded with sensor-based monitoring and DLR (Dynamic Line Rating) capabilities.

  • State of the art power line monitoring
  • DLR forecasting up to 72 hours
  • AAR forecasting up to 10 days
  • Ice detection and forecasting
  • Sag, clearance & vibration monitoring
  • Industry leading models, powered by machine learning algorithms
  • Statistics on asset operation for planning and investments
  • Test and evaluate available capacity for new renewables or consumption
  • Supports integration to SCADA and EMS systems
  • Hosted on world class Microsoft data centers
  • ISO 27001, 14001 and 9001 compliant

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