BondReco – Gauge the safety of your ERISA bonds

door Hexaware Technologies

BondReco – A Generative-AI based recommendation solution - Offer is free until 31st October

BondReco is an Explainable AI solution that leverages Generative AI capabilities of MS Azure OpenAI to help gauge the risk of the ERISA compliant bonds.A report gets generated with all the Bond-specific attributes being captured from it.

We provide customized and ongoing ERISA Compliant solutions to protect the retirements savings of your employees and ensure that your organization stays ERISA compliant

BUSINESS MODEL – SaaS + Hexaware Consulting

• Access to multi-tenant web app will be provided

• All data stored will be in client end only

• Intellectual property charges will include model development and research

• All features of web app will be provided including consultancy and correction of document

• Web app listing in azure marketplace

BondReco + Azure OpenAI Benefit:

• Currently manual audit cost up to 7000$ by CPA(Certified public accountant) qualified auditors to audit one full financial document 401(k) plan. Timeline taken by them = 40hrs

Improved process efficiency from 40 hours to less than few minutes

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