Web AR with D365 Commerce

door Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware enables retailers to enhance their ROI and experience with pluggable WebAR modules

Hexaware enables retailers to enhance their ROI and experience in their existing commerce platforms with the help of pluggable WebAR modules to stay ahead of the competition.

Extended reality has given a new face to the Retail Market. AR outlays, Mixed Reality interactions & virtual merchandising create a more personalized shopping experience for customers.

XR has been proven to be a very effective sales booster, being at the forefront of modern technology & its benefits to the Retail industry is astounding. The fact that customers can now interact & experience the products virtually, window shop at home, or experience how an item will look in their homes or offices gives retailers a competitive advantage over others still using the contemporary methods.

According to IDC’s report of 2020 “Retail is seen to deliver the biggest commercial investment in AR/VR technology in 2024 at $7.3 billion”.

Hexaware’s Extended Reality (XR) Services enables retailers to get started on a broad spectrum of XR/Vision AI technologies & use cases. Solution enhances ROI by leveraging the existing IT investments.  

Hexaware enables Web AR capabilities to re-imagine new age experiences, on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. The solution is a low-code add-on package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce which enables customers to drive rich, 3D visualizations on their e-commerce site, drive Mixed Reality experiences, virtual try-outs right out of the browser, increase product sales, reduce the number of returns, and to have an edge over competitors. The Solution leverages existing investments in web-commerce & consumer devices.

Features part of Web AR Solution:

* Product Visualization

* Try out 3D models in real space using Mixed Reality

* Pluggable module for Dynamics 365 Commerce Site-Builder

* Optimized for all modern browsers and mobile devices

* Supports Android and iOS devices

* Hexaware also offers plans for immersive content creation. For more information, reach out to us at

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