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Remote Live monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Environmental & Industrial Params using IoT Devices

IoT (Internet of Things) Devices are installed in factories, Industries, pharma companies, Health care centres, hospitals, blood banks, dairy plants, food & beverages for monitoring various Environmental an Industrial Parameters remotely on Web and Mobile apps in click of a button.

The Iot devices capture the parameters at the installed locations. Cold rooms, factory premises, machines and send to centralised Azure server . These parameters are available to access on Web and Mobile Apps with Authentication and User previleges.
Covid has pushed the need to monitor remotely on the go from any time , any where without physically visiting any locations. Personalised monitoring is costly and it involves lot of supervision. Remote Asset monitoring using IoT devices helps to centralise the operations by monitoring all the factories or locations one single dashboard or mobile apps. It also helps decentralise the actions at individual levels since every user carries mobile app and hence get the data instantly without visiting or making calls.

On top of visibility of the live data, the system supports setting the alerts for given thresholds by SMS, notifications ( like WhatsApp ) or Email when the parameter data crosses the set thresholds. Most importantly, daily weekly monthly reports can be scheduled which is fundamental for many Data Governance, Compliance and regulatory bodies . The reports gives quick glance of the data, with graphs and Analytics. The reports can be pre-scheduled to get to designated emails or on-demand generation of any particular or group of devices.

Any custom reports, analytics can be developed in matter of hours/days to get instant business insights leading to Telecom Grade monitoring of entire operations.

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