SQUEAKS Next-Gen Communication Platform

door IGear, LLC

Action management, digital transformation, and productivity platform for manufacturers.

Productivity is everything

SQUEAKS empowers front line workers to solve problems faster. When critical plant floor events occur, SQUEAKS answers the question of “now what?” by driving action and team collaboration.

Manufacturers face thousand of events, daily, that impact productivity and quality. With labor challenges and downtime measured in thousands of dollars per minute, SQUEAKS brings frontline workers and support teams together with interactive and real-time alerts, visual management, and digital signage. SQUEAKS provides a seamless layer across disparate systems and technologies to better visualize and act on information that matters most.

SQUEAKS has proven to increase productivity for the largest manufacturers in the world by providing these key benefits:

Drive Action

    • Connect to automation and mfg. applications in real-time
    • Interactive escalating alerts to enforce standards
    • Users tune into what matters most to them

Leverage Information

    • Eliminate non-value-added tasks
    • Synch with information sources in real-time
    • Aggregate disparate information sources in a single pane of glass

Extend Visibility

    • Distribute KPIs in real-time across the enterprise across all your devices
    • Extend visibility of plant floor activities to the office network
    • Know if you are winning today

Improve Culture

    • Make the team member’s job easier
    • Engage and retain employees
    • Instill a culture of collaboration and accountability

Mobile apps for iOS, Apple Watch, Android, and Wear OS extend all SQUEAKS capabilities to your mobile devices on the plant network and outside of the plant using your preferred carrier cell network.

SQUEAKS is a next-gen communication layer unlike anything in your factory today that helps you better leverage the data and information you have today while making existing investments in automation and technology more valuable.

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