Quick Lean Audit 5S

door IMBS

Audit and simplify all types of processes.

This application is available in Portuguese and English. 

Quick Lean Audit- 5S Model App is a digital auditing tool and a process improvement tool that allows the connection to a model of Indicators in real time, making them more agile and oriented towards productivity and optimization of space and the elements that compose it.  

Quick Lean Audit- 5S Model App allows you to audit and simplify all types of processes and view management indicators in real time.  

With this tool, you can:  

1. Input Audit results or information; 

2. Analyse indicators in real time;  

3. Get an automated action plan; 

4 Increase productivity and space optimization;  

In a short period of time, you can audit and record audit information with approval flows, connect the gathered data to your reporting tool (Excel, Power BI or others) and monitor the work, oriented towards productivity and optimization of the field space.  

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