ENIMBUS360 - Sri Lanka


ENIMBUS360 ERP is designed for the businesses who are looking for a more customized ERP solution.

Discover ENIMBUS360 ERP: Transformative Business Management

ENIMBUS360 ERP stands at the forefront of modern business solutions, delivering a seamlessly integrated platform hosted on the robust Microsoft Azure environment. With individualized databases for each customer and a commitment to 98% GDPR compliance, data security is our top priority. What sets us apart is the inclusion of a dynamic Power BI Sales Analytical Dashboard, empowering users to analyze sales data effortlessly without incurring additional costs. Collaborate effortlessly with customers and vendors, grant them access to real-time sales and purchasing insights, and foster transparent business relationships.

Experience comprehensive sales insights with a centralized view of history, invoice statuses, delivery updates, and payment details—all from a single screen. Identify and mitigate risks through detailed analyses with Power BI Dashboards, ensuring you stay ahead of challenges. Our flexible pricing plans, transparent billing, and easy implementation support make ENIMBUS360 ERP a versatile and user-friendly choice for businesses. Connect with authorized partners or the system owner to acquire licenses, and unlock a new era of streamlined operations, enhanced collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. ENIMBUS360 ERP—where innovation meets business excellence.

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