SWAN Systems

Indicina Pty Ltd

SWAN Systems is a decision-support solution designed to optimise water and nutrient applications.

SWAN Systems is a decision-support and planning solution that enables irrigators to improve yield, save money and time, and conserve resources. Tailored to an exact geography and irrigation context, SWAN’s technology transforms historic, current and predictive data from multiple sources into actionable insights; allowing users to make better decisions about how much to irrigate and when.

Regardless of the crop you grow – be it turf, pasture, fruit, vegetables, leafy greens or trees – SWAN Systems will be able to assist you in managing and monitoring your water and nutrient applications.

As a SWAN Systems customer you not only get access to a user-friendly decision support system, you will get access to a dedicated support team of irrigation experts to ensure you achieve success with SWAN.

Unlike other irrigation management products, SWAN Systems is designed to work with any hardware. This makes it very adaptable and versatile, enabling you to manage your entire irrigation project within the one platform, even if your operations have a mixture of infrastructure types installed.

SWAN has a comprehensive seasonal water planning and monitoring module, allowing you to factor in multiple different crop types and irrigation systems, where you can very quickly work out how much water your operation needs, and then keep track of how you’re performing against this budget as the season progresses.

The nutrient module in SWAN allows you to quickly and accurately plan and manage crop nutrition programs, factoring in any water quality issues and taking account of nutrients or contaminants that might be present in the water, as is often the case when using underground or recycled water.​

SWAN’s interface is designed to be simple, intuitive and user friendly, allowing less technically-experienced staff to easily manage irrigation and crop fertiliser programs, while at the same time allowing technical people to optimally configure the system as needed. 

The reporting component of SWAN is designed to give senior management a bird’s eye view of what’s going on from a water and nutrient management perspective, across the whole or multiple operations.​

By harnessing multiple data streams, leveraging proprietary algorithms, and integrating with existing hardware, SWAN saves water, energy, and time. SWAN also protects against adverse environmental outcomes associated with nutrient leaching and runoff.