Onesait Assets

door Minsait

Assets, Monitoring, Inventory

Onesait Assets: a platform geared to the management, monitoring and optimization of connected assets.Onesait Assets is made up of 5 functional modules:

1. Assets Engine Module for the integration of data from different and heterogeneous information sources, processing, enrichment and subsequent exploitation by means of analysis, notification, monitoring and reporting tools.
2. Assets APM
Module for predictive monitoring, efficiency and asset health, optimizing costs and performance.
3. Assets EAM
Module of advanced maintenance and asset life cycle management with the objective of increasing availability, reliability and safety.
4. Assets Facilities
Efficient management and administration of usage, associated services and asset managementof properties, buildings and facilities.
5. Assets Energy Efficiency
Module for monitoring consumption, submetering, remote actions on equipment, as well as alerts for deviations, energy saving proposals, calculation of baselines and checking of savings.

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