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Solution automates, monitors and orchestrates processes & tasks in heterogeneous IT environments.

Named as one of the world-class Workload Automation (WLA) solutions, AutomateNOW! is designed to automate, monitor and optimize IT processes and tasks in batch processes in real time. ANOW! works on heterogeneous environments, allowing the automation of various activities and processes, optimizing workload management, simplifying operational processes and thus enabling greater business flexibility. Current AutomateNOW! customers come from every industry, where highly complex and heavy demands for data management and analytics are the foundation of their business driving competitive advantage. A great part of our customers can be found in the banking, insurance and telco industries, followed by retail, FMCG, utilities and manufacturing. Whenever a customer finds their IT & business processes based on data analytics are slow, difficult to monitor and optimize, causing a great number of incidents reported to IT, the best advice is to make use of AutomateNOW! - monitor and orchestrate them across every system, on-premise or in the cloud. When a CIO or IT Director sees their teams are facing the overload of daily, repetitive tasks with many errors and mistakes, it is high time to automate the most difficult areas and unleash the potential of the people for more valuable activities. AutomateNOW! is also able to introduce the power of automation to non-IT users from LoB - helping them to run by themselves data-driven processes with an intuitive self-service portal, within rules established by IT and without their engagement.

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