LCS Cloud Governance

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LCS Cloud Governance

This application in available in English and Italian.
LCS Cloud Governance is a tool that provide a dashboard to make cost control on Azure consumed with an Enterprise Agreement.
Personalize your cost control reports to improve the Cloud Governance.
Most importants reports are:
- EA Summary:
This report show the consumption of Azure from the start of the contract to the current day, the customer is able to look at cost month by month and verify residual commitment. However is possible to see the billed separately cost, like Marketplace costs.
- Cost by resource group:
Resource Group is an important logical basket in Azure technology, it can be used to separate different workloads (app1, app2, ...) or to separate cloud spaces provide to system integrators. This report make the customer able to filter and see the cost by resource groups .
- Cost by category
Report cost by category is a key report in LCS Cloud Governance, because allow to analiyze cost by category and drill down from Meter Category to Instance ID. Is possible to understand a cost peack in a specific month to resolve a possible human error.

The industries that have a ROI from this tool are all and the audience target is from IT Administrator to CFO and CIO.

The customer could filter and export data to iintegrate the tool with on premise governance tools.

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