3D Car Configurator

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Dealer Digital Showroom Signage Solution

About the Solution

Dealer365 ㅡ 3D Car Configurator is a Digital Signage solution for car dealerships providing interactive 3D Car configuration and CPQ (configure, price, quote) functions. It runs on large touch screen, smart TV, PC monitors even on tablets in a customer lounge as digital catalog. Dealerships can expand their digital showroom to shopping malls, stations and any other public spaces.


▪ Providing un-limited photo-realistic virtual car models with all available trims, options, colors and accessories.
▪ Event and promotional information with sound and screen play motion effect.
▪ Capturing customer lead from any place, any time.
▪ Analyzing customer preferences from customer interactions on the 3D configurator.

Key Features

• Large Screen, High Resolution touch/non-touch display support (up to 4K)
• 3D Real-Time Car 3D Models with Configuration features - Colors, accessories and options - Configuration, Pricing & Quote
• Customer interaction (Car animation, multimedia content play)
• Sending E-mail E-Catalog & Quotation

This application is available in multilingual languages including Korean, English.

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