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With CloudCare you can easily manage your Office 365 users in your (different) IT-environments.

CloudCare is a webbased tool, developed from a necessity of simplification and automation in the daily management of Office 365 users. CloudCare acts as an extra layer on top of the Office 365 admin portal and also connects it to other IT environments, such as the local active directory. The countless extra features within CloudCare can be categorized within 4 major blocks: Employee Management System, Reports, Role Management and Working Hours.

1. Employee Management System:

Allows the IT-administrator to manage the users in different IT environments using automated processes. Adding, copying, editing or deleting employees can easily be done by means of wizards.

2. Reports:

The Office 365 admin portal contains very few reporting options. CloudCare expands these options and also brings together data from different IT environments.

3. Role Management:

CloudCare uses different user roles. For example, you can give a HR employee or a local IT employee limited admin access in a secure environment to manage the users.

4. Working Hours:

The employees can only send or receive emails on any device within the selected time frame.

All the features situated within these 4 blocks facilitate the daily job of an IT-administrator. The automation and simplification of repetitive tasks generates more time for the IT-department to focus on important problems.

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