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JDA Category Management

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Develop highly effective space and assortment plans that lead to profitable growth on Azure.

JDA® Category Management is the industry-leading solution for maximizing category sales and margins via localized assortments and planograms and deployed on Azure. Backed by data streams that detail shopper behaviors, along with powerful analytics, JDA Category Management enables the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers to develop highly effective space and assortment plans that lead to profitable growth. Today, JDA® Category Management Cloud delivers powerful functionality with JDA® Space Planning and JDA® Category Knowledge Base in a flexible, cost-effective on-demand format. With JDA hosting and administering the software, customers can enjoy a rapid implementation — and the scalability they need for busy planning periods, without the need to increase their user licenses. Based on its years of experience in JDA Category Management implementations — and thousands of successful customer engagements — JDA has designed this cloud offering to reflect the real-world needs and best practices of space planning teams. Customers enjoy all the functionality they need in a user-friendly cloud environment that’s up and running significantly faster, leading to a rapid return on investment. It’s no secret that retail success today depends on understanding consumers’ needs at the store level — then generating localized plans and assortments that meet those needs. However, generating hundreds or thousands of customized plans requires a high computing capacity to process and store them. More and more retailers and manufacturers are relying on software as a service (SaaS) to manage this challenge. Some have invested in internal cloud resources or contracted with third-party hosting companies. Today, by leveraging JDA Category Management Cloud, retailers and manufacturers can partner with the industry’s category management expert for software, hosting, administration and support. This approach only makes sense. After all, who knows JDA Category Management better than JDA? With a cloud approach designed for the way real-world planning teams actually work — as well as scalable cost structures that eliminate software licenses — JDA Category Management is the obvious answer for generating, storing and managing thousands of planograms, as well as easily updating them. JDA’s best-in-class data and analytics for category management offer native integration to JDA’s AI and ML capabilities. This is an important first step toward the Autonomous Supply Chain, in which real-time data is gathered and analyzed from across the global network — then decisions are automatically enacted via AI. Accessing JDA Category Management in the JDA Cloud environment will position retailers and manufacturers to capitalize on these advanced capabilities in the future — minimizing the need for human intervention and making their entire supply chains much more agile and responsive.