Tor Loco HE - Construction Fleet Management System


Monitor your construction fleet with ease to improve productivity & reduce cost incurred

What it is about:

Tor Loco HE is a modular and customizable equipment management solution for the construction industry, allowing remote monitoring of the entire fleet at the equipment, human resources, and project level.

Tor Loco HE provides a highly modular and adaptable approach. The Tor Loco HE suite comprises edge gateways, fuel sensors, IoT platforms, applications, and analytics through our proprietary Loco Insights.

Our proprietary edge gateway collects data from various touchpoints, which transfers the data to a secure cloud-enabled Tor IoT platform for further processing. The application gives complete visibility and control of your fleet. It is filled with features like insights on asset health, fleet utilization, service scheduling, fuel and mileage alerts, and asset breakdown prediction, to name a few.

This data is also fed into our proprietary Loco Insights analytics platform, which provides actionable insights like

  • productive utilization,
  • consumption rate monitoring,
  • fuel refill authentication,
  • and various warnings & alerts through exception management.

The system's modular architecture guarantees speedy deployment with master uploads via excel and ERP integration without expensive IT infrastructure. The entire system is thoroughly tested and complies with global security standards. Now, monitor your equipment and fleets more smoothly and efficiently.

Current Application:

Web Application, Mobile application, and Fuel Refill Application.

Type of user(s):

Industrial Type(s): Construction, Mining, Heavy Equipment, Construction fleets

For Business Owners: Fuel cost savings, enhanced productivity and efficiency of machines, fuel consumption efficiency

For site managers and operators: reduced impulsive driver behavior, timely project deliveries, fuel management and monitoring, and location tracking.

Pain points/Issues:

  • Keeping track of projects spread across multiple locations with manual data logging
  • On-time project delivery within the allocated budget.
  • Limited real-time visibility of cost leakages due to inefficiencies, breakdowns, and fuel thefts.
  • Timely maintenance and service schedules
  • No proactive mechanism to avert downtime.
  • Keeping up with the leased fleet and asset utilization

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