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Smart Business Solution integrates external business processes of an organization with its partners.

Smart Business Solution integrates external business processes of an organization with its business partners like Vendors, Customers, Dealers, Third party warehouses on a single platform bringing operational transparency and efficiency improvement. The last two decades has seen companies getting their internal business process integrated by implementing ERP solutions. With the SBS platform they would now be able to integrate their internal processes with all their external stakeholders.
Modules offered on the SBS platform include
SBS Procurement and Vendor Management solution would provide seamless process integration between the Purchase department and the Vendors. It solves the procurement department challenges of
- Manually updating supplier info
- Release of Enquiries to multiple vendors simultaneously
- Receiving Supplier quotation in multiple formats
- Creating quote comparison chart
- Follow up with Vendor
- Ensuring timely deliveries
- Not getting notified in case of delay
SBS Order Management Solution is an effective tool to integrate external processes between the organizations sales department and their Customers, Dealers and Distributors. The SBS Order Management platform provides an enhanced ordering experience to customers
Provide an enhanced ordering experience to customers
Improves efficiency of the sales process with easy & flexible order processing
Provide updated delivery status with alerts for delayed dispatches
Displays available inventory
Invoicing and Dispatch Notification
SBS Projects and Task Management solution is a collaboration tool for organizations to bring transparency and a sense of responsibility in their project and task management processes, opening project execution process for inspection and adaptation. It is a platform to Create, Schedule, Assign, Monitor and Track project progress
SBS Task caters to both
Manager’s expectation that assigned task
- should get completed on time
- update response should come regularly without manual follow up
- impediments, obstacles, escalations should be known proactively
- analytics reports should be instantly available
- user productivity, accountability and efficiency be visible

Employee expectation for effective task accomplishment
- on time clear articulation of the task description
- Task Priorities, Schedules, Dependencies
SBS Customer Support system serves businesses in achieving their goal of
- Exemplary after sales support to customers.
- Impeccable customer experience
- Improving customer support interactions
SBS Customer support system is a centralized system for giving customers a great experience while resolving their issues, complains and simultaneously building a foundation of strong business relationship with them.
SBS Customer support system provides
- Agents with a complete 360 degree view of the customer.
- Transparency and complete clarity about customer’s historical interaction
- Access to view previous customer tickets and their resolutions through an updated knowledge base of the system

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