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Powered by Artificial Intelligence and supported by Smart Search, the Idealake ChatBot Solution creates a navigation system that completely takes the pressure off humans and call center while solving all queries with a human touch. With our intelligent chatbot, users don’t have to worry about using correct keywords, correct grammar, or technical terms. The chatbot gives human-operated call centers a massive break too, as it can smartly address a wide range of queries from different users.

The Chatbot is essentially programmed to “talk” to the user, rather than simply solve their issue making it a truly intelligent, empathetic & human like.

Provide support and sales

The bot is capable to provide answers to queries, product information, service integration, transaction, and lead generation. While doing so, it supports all forms of data like text, image, gif, videos to make the UI more simplified.

Multilingual support

Chat supports more than 50 languages (voice and type). This includes like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Kannada, Bangla, etc.

Voice empowered.

Integrated voice feature which enables chat bot to interact and communicate through voice. Custom voice solutions available

Multi-channel bot

Chat bot to run seamlessly on multiple channels like Website, Mobile App, Facebook

Messenger, WhatsApp.


A complete NLP based solution, which enables the bot to understand and interpret human intent.

Active learning

A complete AI solution which helps train the bot itself with active learning while more and more users interact with it

Sentiment Analysis

It detects the emotional content and responds to the feelings appropriately during the chatbot’s conversation

Seamless integration

Chat bot can be integrated with live agent which will transfer the conversation to live customer support with a click of a button.

Seamless Third-party integration including payment CRM, LMS etc.

Auto correct on the go

Geo Location Integration

Non - linear flows

Chat bot to identify and handle user question out of turn of a set created flow which helps users to interact with the bot like a human.

Omnichannel experience

This enables to create individual touch points over variety of channels that seamlessly connect, allowing users to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another.

Rating and feedback

With this feature the user can rate the answers and experience provided by the chat bot which will further help to improve the conversations based on the customer feedbacks.

OCR capabilities

Can be seamlessly integrated to read data over images inside the bot

Context based responses

Chat bot identifies and retains user intents to set the context once. This avoids the bot asking the same questions in multiple flows.


Analytics dashboard is provided to measure the bot performance. The same is customizable based on customer requirements.

Target Audience:

Banking, NBFC, Services, Insurance

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