Leanware SCM

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Using LeanwareSCM you can improve the central supply chain key figures.

LeanwareSCM (Supply Chain Management) is a unique solution for supply chain management, monitoring, and transparency, as well as for reporting and analyzing. The product dynamically calculates control values while taking into account changes in consumption or predictions, and creates clear processes and modes of operation for purchasing, supplier cooperation and stock management.

With the system, purchasing becomes less complicated and the important key figures improve. For example, stock turnover and availability improve and the amount of routine work decreases. Using the LeanwareSCM tool, it can be ensured that the right stock is in the right place at the right time, everywhere in the world. At the same time, overstocking and running out of stock can be prevented. This improves cashflow and decreases costs.

Purchasing can be made simpler, stock smaller and availability better, but most of all, work can be made easier and motivation and customer satisfaction can be improved.

With LeanwareSCM, the entire organization can get a clear view of the whole supply chain: purchasing, production, and sales. The ready reporting tool for the management of the supply chain enables better cooperation and monitoring with suppliers and customers.

LeanwareSCM includes tools for the management of product policy, i.e., guidance method. Clear rules and reports enable the product managers to easily define when to stock and when not.


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