Auto Labeling Platform

door Linker Vision Co.,Ltd.

Auto labeling platform is designed to deliver ground truth for images/videos with speed and scale.

Linker develops AI models with continuous learning to improve auto-labeling model accuracy and scalability. Our auto-labeling service provides Quality Assurance to deliver ground truth for images and videos with speed and automation.

By integrating Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service, Linker can improve productivity and reduce costs with autoscaling compute, tune hyperparameters faster and deploy customer-owned auto-labeling AI models tailored to specific requirements efficiently.

Moreover, Linker Networks offers Auto-Labeling Express, an experience platform for automatic Labeling. Customers may try various labeling method which Linker offer on this experience site, also you may learn how to apply AI recognition service in different industries to help you provide efficient and quality service to your customers.

Linker Auto Labeling Platform is dedicated to effortlessly enable enterprise services across verticals evolving into AI-oriented solutions. With Linker AI solution, Intelligence can be seamlessly and rapidly integrated into any application with the most user-friendly and flexible environment.

Feature and benefits of Linker Auto Labeling Platform includes :

• Disruptive and Innovative : Integrate classic CV tool with deep learning algorithm to provide state-of-art labeling technology

• Safe and Secure : Platform integrated with SAS token system and Microsoft secured cloud to ensure partner data privacy.

• Scalable : Automated labeling solution results high throughput

• Accurate and Precise : Well-trained AI model can automate labels and provide accuracy of over 99%.

• Easy and Simple : Linker user-friendly UI/UX makes it easy and fast to label complex data.