180ops – revenue intelligence SaaS for B2B enterprises

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180ops – Know what to sell, to whom, when, and why

180ops is an AI-powered revenue intelligence SaaS that helps large and mid-cap B2B companies increase revenue and profitability by answering 4 key questions: what to sell, to whom, when and why.

Key features:
- Potential: up- and cross-sell potential EUR by individual customer and new customer acquisition target
- Projection: billing forecast by offering and customer
- Risk: predictive risk indication at customer and offering level
- Readiness: predictive Customer’s readiness to buy at offering level

Key benefits:
Paradigm Shift: CRM has been considered as a Customer Reporting Management by those using it. It has been a reporting tool where sales and CS teams report customer events. The nature of CRM has been reactive. Now, with the help of 180ops, CRM becomes a proactive guide for customer interacting people: Indication of risks of churn and opportunities to sell become proactively delivered tasks for salespeople. With 180ops, CRM becomes salespeople’s support intelligence and guide.

Lifetime value maximization: Our priority is to maximize customer’s lifetime value by up and cross-selling and managing retention, there is no other tool in the market that would do this with AI/ML intelligence.

Maximum value with minimum input approach: We create bottom-up and outside-in strategic view and situational awareness for companies by combining their own data (billing, ERP, CRM, events and ticketing, marketing automation, sensor and SSO data) with external company data and change (eg. Dun&Brandstreet, Moody’s, Dealfront, ZoomInfo, and with macroeconomic change data and forecasts (ECB, Macrobond, market volatility and changes in stock markets, economic policy uncertainty index, etc.). The focus of our analysis is on Billing data, which is absolute, while Revenue Operations and Intelligence software usually only use CRM data. CRM data is biased and dependent on human input and doesn’t provide a full picture of customer’s actual behavior. We have created the ultimate “One Source of Truth”.

180 perspective change: While all management tools and dashboards concentrate on some internal object like company financials, offering, unit, channel, sales team, salesperson, our focus is on individual customers. Each customer is like a sensor in the market that has events and changes in their customer relationships, they hire or lay off people, change management, grow or decline, change strategy or buy companies or get bought and all these companies exist and operate in a macroeconomic environment. Our role is to analyze these sensors (business IDs) and create predictable future from changing conditions = Bottom-up, outside-in perspective change

Bridge between strategy and operational execution: Our technology is strategic in nature but builds a bridge to operational excellence. As a Single Source of Truth, it serves all stakeholders in the company from C-level to sales, marketing and customer success. We analyze target markets as a whole, including active, passive and new customer acquisition targets. The outcome of our analysis is a full picture of the market (Potential, Risks, Opportunities)

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