Maths Pathway Learning and Teaching Model

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First of its kind Learning and Teaching model that's changing maths classrooms across Australia.

For teachers who know real change is needed

First of its kind Learning and Teaching model that's changing maths classrooms across Australia.

The maths classroom as it should be

Maths Pathway supports teachers to have a greater impact in the classroom through a Learning and Teaching Model that delivers truly engaging and personalised learning for each student.

The Maths Pathway model

Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices to create a holistic model that is maximising teacher impact and increasing student engagement in maths classrooms across Australia.

Alone, the eight components of our Learning and Teaching model represent a step in the right direction to improving student outcomes. Combined, they leap into the future of learning and teaching in Australia.

  • Personalised learning - Truly personalised learning in your classroom
  • Targeted explicit teaching - Data to deliver impactful explicit teaching
  • Rich learning - Spark curiosity and develop critical thinking skills
  • Curriculum mapped content - Personalised content that meets your state's requirements
  • Differentiated assessment - Individual student data that's analysed for you
  • Data-informed feedback - More one-on-one time with students
  • School Improvement Consultants - Ongoing support from your consultant every step of the way
  • Professional growth and development - Regular professional development opportunities across Australia

Doubling student growth rates

Maths Pathway students are more than doubling the amount of new mathematics they learn each year. By identifying each student’s learning profile — what they have mastered, what they are ready to learn next, and what gaps may exist — Maths Pathway gives students curriculum aligned content that they are ready for, supported by high-impact teaching practices, like targeted explicit teaching (mini-lessons), scaffolding learning to ensure mastery.

Not an ‘online tool’

Maths Pathway is not a digital program designed to take the teacher out of the teaching. In fact, we’re quite the opposite. We combine a range of evidence-based teaching methods and classroom practices with an online learning environment that supports teachers to provide personalised learning for each student and implement high-impact teaching strategies.

What makes us different

  • Student centred
  • Always there to help
  • Evidence based
  • Data driven
  • Focused on mindset
  • At the forefront of education best practice

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