MojoRank Intelligent Recruiting Software

door MojoHire

Azure solution utilizing AI to help HR instantly match candidates to fill jobs quickly.

Medium and Enterprise companies receive hundreds or even thousands of resumes for each job opening. 65% or more of a recruiter's time is typically occupied with reviewing and vetting unqualified candidates (less than 1% of whom end up getting hired).

MojoRank changes the way you discover, engage, and hire candidates and employees for open positions. Utilizing next generation artificial intelligence, MojoRank’s Intelligent Matching Technology instantly matches qualified candidates and employees to the right opportunities.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize recruitment productivity. No more sifting through unqualified applications. Recoup up to 90% of your time by focusing only on the most qualified talent immediately.
  • Automate candidate matching. Our solution automatically helps recruiters re-discover and re-engage talent hidden in their recruiting and human resource management systems.
  • Increase workplace diversity. MojoRank anonymizes candidates reducing unconscious bias and provides insights into recruitment pipeline.

Find out how you can use MojoRank to increase your pool of qualified candidates, reduce the time-to-source, diversify your candidate pool, and fill more open positions quickly. 

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