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Moovit Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions help businesses and governments improve urban mobility

Moovit ( owns and operates the world’s largest repository of transit data, amassing five billion anonymous data points a day.

Moovit’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Platform provides a complete software solution for governments, cities & municipalities that wish to offer MaaS to their citizens.

Our platform encompasses every aspect of a commuter’s daily travel, from multi-modal route planning across all transit options in your city - bus, train, underground, bikes, scooters, Uber and more through mobile payment.
Specific components of the platform include:

  • Private Label urban mobility app, powered by Moovit's award-winning multi-modal trip planner
  • Integrated mobile payment & ticketing
  • Advanced user communication tool for improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced analytics package for planning and optimization

Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics (MUMA) provides deep insights about where, when, and how people move around your city.
  • Zone Report - Comprehensive understanding of travel patterns to and from a region, whether it’s a city neighbourhood, a particular district, or even specific venues
  • Station Report - Provides data for a wide variety of planning functions to improve and optimize station use
  • Line Report - Critical for improving service levels, operational efficiency, or understanding the impact of schedule or route changes on ridership

Moovit TimePro is the most accurate real-time vehicle location solution for transit agencies, helping to increase ridership, improve operational efficiency and customers satisfaction.

Riders benefits:
  • Using Moovit free app, riders get accurate arrival times for all the lines
  • Peace of mind along their entire journey
  • Increased trust and loyalty
Operations Manager benefits:
  • A cloud-based software system with minimal set-up and fast deployment
  • View your entire fleet with an easy-to-use web based dashboard
  • Optimize dispatching using the detailed assessment of early / late departures for each line
  • No need to develop or market your own transit app
  • Message with your drivers in real time allowing you to respond to events as they happen

Moovit Transport On-Demand is the most accurate and efficient solution to operate your on-demand fleet. Powered by big data analytics & data science for unprecedented planning accuracy.
  • Enhanced route planning engine that uses mobility analytics & historical demand patterns
  • Through the Moovit free app or your own Private Label app, riders get to search, book, and pay for any on-demand provider
  • Transit operators get unprecedented command and control

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