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Morphisec Workload Server Protection


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Secure your Servers with Morphisec everywhere, on premise, in cloud, private or public.

Morphisec is transforming endpoint security with our pioneering Moving Target Defense. Our solutions deliver operationally simple, proactive prevention unbound by the limits of detection and prediction. We protect businesses around the globe from the most dangerous and sophisticated cyberattacks immediately, efficiently and absolutely. With Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform you can Secure your Virtual Application Servers with Morphisec everywhere, on premise, in cloud, private or public, on all your windows, Linux 4.x and virtualised infrastructures. Despite the accelerated adoption of virtualised platforms and cloud-based solutions, security for these environments remains inadequate. Most endpoint security solutions require updates and consume CPU resources that make them unsuitable for virtualised environments, while VDI vendor security solutions don’t provide enough protection. At the same time, virtual environments face substantially more risk as more people in various roles have access to the server, thereby increasing the threat exposure. Morphisec Server Threat Prevention is the only solution based on Moving Target Defense, which prevents the execution of evasive unknown threats and zero-days that other technologies can miss. Moving Target Defense technology morphs the runtime environment so authorised code runs safely while malicious code is blocked and trapped. By preventing attacks before a breach ever occurs, Morphisec changes the security economics, cutting costs while minimising disruption and damage to business. Moving Target Defense for Maximum Server Protection Morphisec Server Threat Prevention protects your servers from all exploit-based, memory injection attacks in your endpoint applications such as browsers and productivity tools. It prevents evasive attacks, zero-days and attacks targeting known but unpatched vulnerabilities. It does so in a deterministic manner, without generating alerts to be analysed, via a lightweight, easy to install 2MB agent requiring no administration.