Mycsn Open Data Hub for Smart Cities

door MyCSN

Building a home for your Smart City data and create strong insights for urban policy makers.

Towns and cities want to create more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable lives for their residents. Local authorities often look to technology to help with this, and increasingly also to the data they have available to them. These investments need to be sustainable and lay a solid foundation for the future. That’s why we’ve developed the MyCSN Open Data Hub for Smart Cities – to unlock your data on a secure, future-proof and flexible base.

In this digital age, you’re sure to be generating lots of data no matter how many Smart City initiatives you’re already using. The MyCSN Open Data Hub can combine all these sources, from creation to processing and archiving. Once this information has been collected, you can analyse it to gain insights and make your offering more efficient, as well as monitor its impact. The platform also offers options for new services for residents – such as available car parking spaces, for example. In short, our data hub acts as a central platform for all your Smart City and other projects.

As a local authority, you have different requirements and expectations from a typical commercial company. You want to keep the control of your residents’ personal data in your own hands, for example. That’s why we built the MyCSN Open Data Hub specifically for towns and cities.

  • We use open source technology to create a platform that’s as independent as possible and guarantees continuity;
  • You remain the owner of the data that you entrust to our platform. Third parties can only gain access to it with your consent;
  • We ensure the highest possible level of security thanks to cloud technology;
  • The platform and your data satisfy the VLOCA reference framework and European OSLO standards.

When your data has found its home on our platform, we make it easier to start getting value from it. This can be done either by setting up your own Smart City initiatives or using it as the data source in your software systems. We’ve also developed a number of ready-made Smart City products to use with your data. For example, there’s the Smart City Dashboard, the MyCSN Smart Map, Our City App, Digital Signage, and more.

You want to improve your residents’ lives with innovative Smart City projects, but you’re lacking certain data? Or maybe you want to give your initiatives a boost with extra information to make them more useful? Then you’re in luck! With MyCSN Open Data Hub for Smart Cities, we collect all sorts of open data – publicly available data sources – that you can easily add to your project. This includes train, tram and bus information, for example. MyCSN therefore supplies you with your own data, and a whole lot more besides, without you needing to do anything.

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