MyCSN Smart Map for Cities

door MyCSN

An interactive smart map full of local information from your local domain.

Where is there a parking space? Is my bus on time? How busy is the recycling centre? Quick answers to these questions improve life for residents in your town or city. And that’s what the MyCSN Smart Map – a GIS application – provides. We add local, relevant information to an interactive map for the three policy domains: mobility, environment, and wellbeing and safety. You can then integrate this info in Our City App or on digital signage.

Why the MyCSN Smart Map?

You have lots of data available to you, and making this information insightful, manageable and understandable helps you to achieve your policy aims. Our application intelligently translates data into geographical information, which you can then display on a handy map. You have in your hand everything that appears on the map. The MyCSN Smart Map is therefore a user-friendly app that:

  • supports and improves service provision and policy, e.g. parking
  • promotes behavioural change, e.g. fly tipping
  • ensures better mobility

This gives residents:

  • fast access to useful information to improve life in their community
  • direct contact with the local authority • insights into various local services

Easy to integrate

You can use The Smart Map in different ways. For example, you can integrate a mobile application in Our City App to give residents access to all kinds of info about their town or city on their smartphone. You can display information on digital signs in your area, for example with information about parking or air quality. And for ultimate convenience, you can even use this solution across local authority borders.

Available information categories

Lots of information is already incorporated as standard, and you can choose to enable or disable it yourself. You can also add your own data via an integration project. The currently available categories are:

  • Mobility: this includes all data about car parking spaces, bicycle parking, how busy the town or city centre is, and more. Information about public transport in the region, such as bus stops, is also displayed.
  • Environment: residents can find information about glass, textiles and other recycling sites in this category, which helps to discourage fly-tipping. You can also show the air quality.
  • Wellbeing and safety: show the location of AEDs (automatic external defibrillators). If you like, you can also include the locations of cameras and even display the images they capture, for example to show how busy the town or city centre is.

The MyCSN Open Data Hub for Smart Cities

The MyCSN Smart Map is powered with information from our open data hub, which focuses on requirements and challenges of towns and cities. It serves as the data source for supplying various applications on the map, while local authorities continue to be in charge of their own data. Our platform also satisfies the VLOCA reference framework and OSLO standards.

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