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Real-time Predictive AI For The Customer Experience

The Challenge:

Today, many online businesses rely solely on historical data for decision-making, hindering their capacity to swiftly adapt to real-time changes. This disconnection not only affects their time to market but also constrains their potential for growth and evolution.

Using a one-step tag deployment with any tag management platform, leverages Microsoft Machine Learning and Azure technologies to collect in-session data from online visitors and predict future behaviors and actions on any web property. No coding needed.

The Solution: is a Predictive AI platform that collects in-session data from online visitors, including those who haven’t logged in or have no history, to build and run real-time models that accurately forecast future actions and behaviors. The real-time predictions and in-session data are used to take immediate action within the same session or page view to enhance/personalize the customer experience. is comprised of three key features:

1. AI Feature Collection & Management:

    • Access a rich repository of pre-populated visitor data signals

    • Customize data signals with a flexible framework, importing real-time data points from browser cookies, storage, and the DOM

    • Integrate these signals seamlessly into your prediction models

2. Audience Management: Segment Your Population For Prediction
    • Utilize pre-built or custom audiences effortlessly, without a single line of code

    • Seamlessly integrate audiences into your existing data, technology, and business tools

    • Define audiences for training models and specify where these models will be deployed

3. AI Predictions Models
    • Utilize pre-built templates or build custom prediction models tailored to your metrics of interest, leveraging live user data and historical journeys

    • Validate predictions with real-world data, fine-tuning models for reliability and accuracy

    • Deploy models to receive live predictions, enabling instant action or enhancing downstream analytics

    • Run multiple models simultaneously, allowing them to compete and deliver optimal results to achieve your desired goals

The platform is 100% secure and GDPR and CCPA compliant.

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