NorthWhistle Whistleblowing Solution

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The whistleblowing solution for a healthier org and full EU compliance - Try free - Set up in 15 min

At NorthWhistle® we focus on your people. Listen to your organization With a powerful yet easy-to-use interface and class-leading features, we have a plan for every organization. No matter your plan, you’re always compliant with your local and EU whistleblowing law.


Use our ready-made reporting page or customize it to fit your needs. We have a solution for every organization.

  • Quick setup
  • Customize texts, questions and brand
  • Supports multiple languages


NorthWhistle helps your organization report wrongdoing in the most protected and comfortable way. The whistleblower is guided with questions and clarifying text. We support reporting in text and voice - always fully anonymously. All according to high accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1) – no case will go unheard.

  • Anonymous and encrypted
  • Information about whistleblowing
  • Attach files related to the case


Whistleblowing can be complex, but we believe administering a case shouldn’t be. NorthWhistle handles everything in one place. We give you an overview of all cases, help you take them to the next step, and automatically remind you of important deadlines. You can easily control what each case handler should see and invite third parties to a specific report.

  • Access control and auto-assign cases
  • Anonymous two-way chat with reporters
  • Statistics and exports

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