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NextGate EMPI (Enterprise Master Person Index)

NextGate Solutions

Identity Matching for the Enterprise

With over 200 customers in four countries, NextGate is the global leader in healthcare enterprise identification. Committed to helping organizations overcome the clinical, operational and financial challenges that result from duplicate records and disparate data, our full suite of identity matching solutions connects the entire healthcare ecosystem to drive critical improvements in quality, efficiency and safety.

What is an EMPI? An Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), also referred to as an Enterprise Master Person Index, is an enterprise-wide solution that enables organizations to uniquely match patient records across disparate systems.

Our market-leading EMPI helps all types of organizations deliver better and more efficient care by providing a comprehensive view of each patient. Our identity matching solution generates a single best record that links the right patient to the right data for real-time data exchange, enhanced clinical decision-making and improved care collaboration.

An EMPI is a critical component of an effective data governance strategy to ensure quality data, improve patient safety and enable value-based care.

Our EMPI currently manages 300 million lives and is deployed by the nation’s most successful healthcare systems and health information exchanges.