Nokia Data Marketplace

door Nokia of America Corporation

Secure data exchange and AI/ML orchestration with blockchain data marketplace

Globally, there are millions of telco systems and IoT devices generating data that can be used for monetization and strategically drive digital transformation across industries. Using private permissioned blockchain, SaaS based Nokia Data Marketplace (NDM) helps business entities to securely exchange data, monetize it and accelerate AI/ML initiatives.

The Nokia Data Marketplace helps in the following ways:

(1) Securely exchange data between various stakeholders.

(2) Monetize data by facilitating business entities to sell data/AI algorithms/insights to others.

(3) Enable AI/ML algorithms to run across distributed datasets in scenarios where data movement is not feasible.

Acting as an ecosystem orchestrator, a consortium/CSP/large-enterprise can become a white-labeled Data Marketplace as a service (DMaaS) provider in a B2B2B model and enable enterprises to trade their data with others. This helps in generating new revenue streams & transform verticals including telecom, supply-chain, energy, healthcare, governments, etc.

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