Ombori Grid Order Pickup

door Ombori

Make it easier for customers to collect, return, or drop off items

Customers got used to picking up or dropping off items without ever going into a store. More and more of them want to keep doing it - and not just for shopping. Ombori Grid Order Pickup provides a powerful, streamlined way to handle BOPIS and curbside that’s convenient for customers and empowering for staff.

For any business or organization that allows customers to pick up or drop off items.

  • Retailers
  • Offices
  • Municipalities & public sector
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare & veterinarian

Book slot

Customers complete their transaction online and book a pickup slot. They are given instructions on when to arrive and where to go. Customers or staff can reschedule slots as required. Pickups and dropoffs can be in any desired location, either inside or outside the premises, or direct to their vehicle. Payment, where required, can take place at this stage or on arrival.


Prior to arrival, customers receive a reminder via SMS. Staff are also notified of upcoming visits so that they can prepare goods for collection and verify whether payment has been made.


On arrival, customers check in via their mobile device or digital signage, or via vehicle license plate recognition. If they have selected a vehicle delivery, they will be directed to a parking bay so that staff can identify them. When they are checked in, staff receive a notification that they are ready to be seen. Once their identity is verified, goods are handed over and payment is complete, the staff member marks the transaction as complete.


Increases customer satisfaction and reduces costs by optimizing staff time and avoiding shipping costs.

Consumers are 20% more likely to purchase from retailers that offer order pickup than those that don’t. 85% of customers buy additional items when picking up from a store.

Ombori Grid

Part of the Ombori Grid, a platform which includes a suite of customizable mix-and-match apps, targeted at retailers and other businesses. 
  • Fully customizable: fits the needs of your business and includes your branding
  • Rapid deployment: quick and simple to install and configure
  • Easy scaling: roll out to multiple locations with minimal effort and cost
  • Central control: manage all locations and queues from a single hub
  • Usage-based billing: pay only for what you use
  • Hardware support: runs on a wide range of hardware, including Android and iOS tablets
  • Mobile integration: makes use of the visitor’s own mobile device
  • Grid integration: all solutions use a common platform allowing them to share data and interoperate
  • Proven technology: based on Microsoft Azure IoT
  • Developer tools: create your own apps

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