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Tailored visibility across your multi-cloud environment to track and forecast your cloud spend.

Together we can help you regain control over your cloud spend with OneView Cloud Expense Management.

Manage your cloud estate within your own context. OneView® is an all-in-one Cloud and Expense Management Platform. Enable FinOps within your business by having tailored visibility across your multi-cloud environment to track and forecast your cloud spend. With advanced analytics, OneView® helps you to stay informed, optimise your cloud environment and implement best practices aligned to the cloud provider's Well-Architected Framework.

Benefits Include:
  • Comparison of budget and actual spend, per month and year to date.
  • Detailed analysis of cloud spend per cost centre and resource group or account
  • Accurate allocation of cloud spend per billing period.
  • Identification of unnecessary and redundant cloud resource costs.
  • The ability to tag specific cost centres, resource groups, or projects gives the enterprise a full view of cloud resources and expenditure.

OneView® offers a full view into your cloud usage and costs for all cloud accounts, and cloud providers. Gain full visibility over your cloud cost, with integrated baseline reporting, a live dashboard tagging and allocating costs to the correct departments and cost centres. OneView®optimises your cloud environment all in one place. Through integration with service providers, OneView® enables automated data collection, enrichment and verification of enterprise usage, spend and resource allocation. OneView® also integrates with your 3rd party business applications to take the complexity out of managing your multi-cloud environments.

The 3 Steps to accelerate your FinOps adoption with 1Nebula and OneView. A Smarter Way to Manage your cloud environment.

  1. Demo - Let's find out together how OneView® keeps us informed of your cloud costs.
  2. Profile - Analyse your cloud costs with OneView® to identify how much you can optimise your cloud spend.
  3. Manage - Together we will optimise your cloud environment and provide the operational support needed to keep control of your cloud costs.

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