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Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform paves the way for new connected vehicle apps and services.

Otonomo is the first neutral automotive data services platform that simply and securely paves the way for the development of new apps and services for drivers, passengers, municipalities, and transportation companies. The Otonomo platform ingests automotive data from multiple sources, including OEMs and other data providers. It cleanses, normalizes, and aggregates the data and enriches it with third-party datasets in order to meet consumers’ privacy expectations, manage compliance, and maximize its value through our global Marketplace. The Marketplace matches anonymized or personalized datasets and insights to the needs of innovative new apps and services that improve the driving experience and facilitate safer, more convenient automotive transportation. There are over 75 partners in our ecosystem whose goal is to provide services such as vehicle preventive maintenance, public safety, parking, on-demand fueling, in-vehicle delivery, smart city support, and other use cases. Otonomo makes every driving experience truly rewarding, while making automotive data as valuable as possible.


The Otonomo platform offers the following advantages to OEMs, data providers, and service providers:


A Neutral Platform

As a neutral third party, Otonomo has built an ecosystem that paves the path between auto manufacturers and the services that can create value with automotive data. Access to data from multiple sources, utilized across a range of value streams generated by our ecosystem partners, creates a data feedback loop that benefits everyone.


Network Effects

The nature of the automotive data ecosystem, which lacks common data formats and encompasses diverse types of data consumers, makes the power of networks particularly strong. By transforming automotive data from disparate sources into standardized forms that can be easily used by data consumers, Otonomo extracts maximum value for the network.

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